Eurotop 2024
Top 10
1 flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7 Mon amour Slimane
2 flag-for-croatia_1f1ed-1f1f7 Rim Tim Tagi Dim Baby Lasagna
3 flag-for-switzerland_1f1e8-1f1ed The Code Nemo
4 flag-for-ukraine_1f1fa-1f1e6 Teresa & Maria alyona alyona y Jerry Heil
5 flag-for-lithuania_1f1f1-1f1f9 Luktelk SIlvester Belt
6 flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1 Europapa Joost Klein
7 flag-for-italy_1f1ee-1f1f9 La noia Angelina Mango
8 flag-for-austria_1f1e6-1f1f9 We Will Rave Kaleen
9 flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea Always On The Run Isaak
10 flag-for-ireland_1f1ee-1f1ea Doomsday Blue Bambie Thug

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